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The Alixir Company

Alix Peabody

"I'll double down on fun. Eleven times out of ten."


The Alixir Company was founded in June of 2017 and launched their first product, Bev, in May of 2018.

The company’s genesis is an odd one - Alix was experiencing life-altering health issues and had to come up with cash for medical bills.

So she did what any 24-year-old would do… she started throwing ticketed pool parties that quickly became a Bay Area favorite.  

But the part that stuck out to Alix were not the parties themselves, but their “vibe.” She became addicted to bringing people together with the energy of those events - the female-dominated atmosphere made for a better time for all, men included.  Thus the mission and ethos of Bev were born - long before the product itself - to recreate this joy on a grand scale through a company centered around empowerment and fun. Lighthearted feminism, so to speak.

Alix's dream is to build a brand that challenges a male-dominated industry, changes the status quo in product offerings & distribution, and builds a strong, like-minded community centered around celebrating ourselves and one another. Bev is more than beverage - it aims to be an iconic brand of our time, a brand that deeply resonates as more than a company, but a movement.  

A world made by chicks.