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The Alixir Company

about us

as a mission-driven brand, Bev is redefining the landscape within male dominated spaces. specifically within the alcohol industry, we are changing it from the inside out by addressing the unmet needs of a consistently underserved market. this one’s for the ladies (and the dudes who are doing it right)


our obsession

we’ve created a category in the alcohol industry that is mission driven, digital-first, and community centric. we’re a group of women and men who want you to experience fun on your own terms -- with the people you love, in the places you love.


what will she do?

help to build a world that is kind, confident, and happy. with rosé made by chicks, and enjoyed by everyone. come hang. 


why the can? 

she’s a dry rosé, crisp, a lil’ fizzy and crafted specifically for a can. she’ll most definitely go places where glass can’t, has 0 sugar, and 11.9% abv.


meet founder & ceo Alix Peabody!

the only girl you know who spent her entire life savings on rosé.


Building Community Starts With You!

Being a part of the Bev community has it's perks: free swag, access to exclusive events, and career coaching to name a few. Oh and of course your own rosé supply. Apply below to become a part of the Bev community!