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The Alixir Company

About Us

What's up everyone! It's ya girl Bev, happy you're here, happy I'm here too. Let's be friends. 


Our Obsession

Authentic, confident, inclusive. Happy, kind, bold. A few words I use to describe myself. What about you? If any of these resonate with you, you are already living the mission of Bev. If not, stick around, buy some rosé and I promise you will get there.


What Will She Do?

Help to build a world that is kind, confident, and happy. A world made by chicks, where kindness is cool. With rosé that is also made by chicks, and enjoyed by everyone. Come hang. 


Why the Can? 

Wine in a can goes where glass can't. With no risk of breakage, way less spillage, and way more room for fun. Your fun. Your way. 


Meet Founder & CEO Alix Peabody!

The only girl you know that spent her entire life saving on rosé.


Building Community Starts With You!

Being a part of the Bev community has it's perks: free swag, access to exclusive events, and career coaching to name a few. Oh and of course your own rosé supply. Apply below to become a part of the Bev community!